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Design Services


Creative assistance and graphic design

In-house Graphic Designers

Everything we produce is visual in nature and needs to look great. However, there must be a conscious effort to balance the aesthetic appeal and the effectiveness of the message.

With the accumulated experience of thousands of clients and tens of thousands of campaigns, we’ve learned what drives response and what falls flat. Leveraging this expertise in every design is critical in helping our clients achieve an above average return on investment for their marketing.

Design Support

Franchise Organizations

Control the design and production of materials for your franchise base. We can develop programs that can manage the process more effectively while providing greater control.

Advertising Agencies

Need creative versions for hundreds or even thousands of locations and just don’t have the resources available to meet the deadline? Spectrum can augment your internal design staff and help meet your commitments.

Corporate Marketing

Add our additional knowledge, insights and experience to your team without the cost of hiring additional staff. Allow us to help make your team more productive and achieve your goals.

Design Samples

Here are some sample projects we’ve had the privilege of working on. From custom catalogs to personalized wedding invitations and direct mail promotions, Spectrum has experienced creatives ready to help make your project a success.

Graphic Communications That Exceed Expectations

Help your customers capture more attention with broad media support and oversized sheets up to 13” x 27.5”. Produce personalized, printed materials on more choices of substrates for all your applications — including direct mail, packaging, books, posters, and trifold brochures.

Expert Support

Our experienced team can assist with sourcing paper stock, finding the latest hot products, and cost-saving details.

Versatile Services

Our 80,000 Sq. Ft. printing floor and 25 offset, web, and digital printers are running 24/7 to deliver maximum results.

Send Your Files

Looking to get started? Large files? No problem, contact us and we'll provide file drop or ftp.